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Hi, we’re Lendly.

Novated leasing is broken.
We're here to fix it.

Millions of Australians aren't able to access tax savings, simply because they are employed by one of the 250,000 small businesses with less than 300 employees. Lendly is a novated leasing company started by people who were sick of novated leasing companies. A company that aims to help employees succeed financially by giving them access to the tax savings they deserve — easy, guided and affordable.

We've brought our experience from large ASX listed fleet businesses and the most innovative startups to create a car leasing experience we'd want for ourselves. A more human and connected experience, that's available to more people, including those who've never had access to leasing before. We're Lendly, and we're doing work that matters for people who care.


Lendly has been focused on one mission – to provide employees with a path to better financial health. 

We began our journey in 2018, knowing there was a big hole in the car leasing market - small business. More than 600,000 employees currently salary package their cars, but the majority of employees are unable to access the benefit limited only by the size of their employer.

The big four ASX listed fleet companies have a combined market capitalisation of more than 3 billion dollars. They are not focused on small business because it doesn't suit their model - they need large employers to get scale. We've seen firsthand that employees of big business get access to the best perks and benefits. But if big business is not for you - well you may not get access to the same benefits.

It's this imbalance that puts small business at a distinct disadvantage in attracting and retaining the best talent - but how can small business access perks and benefits when they are constantly being reminded they are a 'too small' business.

We're building a better business by making better things.

From the beginning, our vision has been to use technology and innovation to create better experience, and we’re pleased to report that our model is working.


Employers using Lendly Pay to attract and retain the very best talent.


The average annual tax saving of employees using Lendly Pay in FY19.


The average effective increase in gross annual salary of each employee using Lendly Pay in FY19.


The total increase in disposable income of employees using Lendly Pay - and we're just getting started.


We chose Lendly because of the experience on the employee side, and because they really know cars. It’s been a fantastic journey - growing together, scaling, and figuring out how to provide the best experience for our people.


Lior Stein
Director, Rimon Advisory


Lendly was less expensive than the other companies but that's not the reason we signed up. They provide helpful advice in a meaningful way that is easy for our staff to understand.


Sameer Kassam
Partner, CharterNet

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