I’ve never met anybody that ever got to spend their annual salary package.

Your total package value is a great headline number – and we think it’s useful if you measure status in terms of your total package value, but how meaningful is it?

If you ask your team which salary number they care about most – it’s the leftover. It’s the most important number because it’s the amount that goes into their bank account each pay run and it’s how the bills get paid.

Here at Lendly, we’re re-thinking the way a small business rewards their team. Lendly Pay works by giving your team the ability to design how they receive their salary with the goal of maximising their leftover pay.

And it works! The average FY19 increase in leftover for each Lendly Pay driver was $4,681 p.a. and we’re justing getting started.

“So you were saying you only have about 35 staff?
Look it’s probably not going to scale for us at such a low headcount.”

This was the trigger that started it all for us. So many small business owners sharing their experience in trying to open up salary packaging for their teams only to be told by the big fleet companies they were too small. Their business model was simply not suited to small business.

Why if I work at a big corporate can I get access to salary packaging but the moment I move to a smaller sized team, I lost that flexibility? It didn’t seem fair.

We believe that small business has a right to access the same benefits that big business has used for 25 years to attract staff into their companies – usually at the expense of small business. We’ve removed all the barriers to entry – including the size of your team.

If you’re a small business with up to 300 employees and if you care about your team – Lendly Pay could be a good fit for you and your team.